Welcome to CMC002 in Kingston, Ontario




The CMC was founded in late November of 2006; with the first chapter in Cambridge/Guelph the CMC was underway. The CMC is currently at 93 chapters with over 5,000 members country-wide and growing everyday!!

We are a social riding club with chapters having a variety of events. Our members come with years and thousands of kilometers of riding experience. We are also a family based riding club with all members of the family being welcome at most events.


We welcome every kind of motorcycle in our riding club. The mandate of our riding club is: It doesn't matter the brand, as long as you ride! We have three simple rules: no alcohol on group rides; ride safely; and always be nice and have fun!


The CMC is an internet based club with all our communication on internet forums.  Each Chapter has its own forum for club business and communications. These will include chapter rides, general information, member updates, charity rides, etc.


To become a member of the CMC, simply fill out the CMC Sign Up form and we will contact you. Fill in all the fields as accurately and completely as possible so that we can expedite your membership. Also, please be aware of the fact that both the forum registration and membership signup is 100% free).


Our crest, known as "The Madison", is named after a CMC member's 10 year old daughter who created the original basic layout of our riding club crest. You can purchase these via your 1st or 2nd Officer of your chapter


Thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to officially welcoming you to Canada's first and largest "ALL CANADIAN" riding club.....


The CMC!